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Stop chasing leads and have clients book appointments with you directly!

Adopting the latest technology and tools, we provide you with a solution to help your business grow. With pre-booked appointments and quality leads, you can automate the lead generation process, so that you can focus on speaking with more customers and closing more deals.

Take Back Your Time And Save Money With One Simple System 


Sit back, we’ll handle the marketing!

Generating leads can be overwhelming and takes a while to master. That’s where we come in! Insurance Automated, specializes in creating and setting up appointment generating advertisements for the insurance industry. Now you can become your own lead vendor and have a stream of exclusive leads and appointments.


Have your clients come to you!

With Insurance Automated the prospects come to you. We build our clients a custom landing page where prospects can book appointments or call in directly. The days of calling leads one-by-one just to find the prospects you can help are behind you. Now, you can use your landing page funnel to prequalify prospects and speak with the people that are in search of your help!


Our AI software works while you sleep!

Have you ever had a robot work for you before? The Insurance Automated system will interact with your prospects and clientele on your behalf. You’ll never again have to be worried about having a prospect miss a meeting because they forgot they had one scheduled. Text and email reminders for all of your appointments will be automatically sent out so that you can focus on your appointments. And if your prospect does happen to miss the appointment, no problem! The AI will automatically message them to rebook to a better time so you can prepare for your next appointment!


Part time, full time, anytime!

Set custom business hours for your account and be in complete control over your schedule. Prospects will book appointments based on when you set your availability. You can keep your calendar wide open and take appointments all day long, or tailor your availability around planned events and upcoming arrangements so you never have to worry about a schedule conflict! Take back your time with Insurance Automated.

The Future Of Insurance Scheduling Is Here!

All The Tools You Need To Succeed Under One Roof

Automatic Calling

When a new lead comes in you can automatically push a call to the lead.

Optimized Website

We will turn your website into a sales machine & help you attract more clients on auto pilot!

Nurture Workflows

With over 30 automated workflows we will help you resolve every lead.


Tracking your ROI has never been easier. Track stats such as marketing campaigns, appointments, & even response rates.

SMS & Email

Keep track of conversations whether they happen over the phone, text or email.

Ringless Voicemail

Drop a voicemail to any contact automatically using a pre-recorded message.

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